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After what seems to be a never ending streak of being buffeted by Nazi-apologia, Stalin hatred and denunciation of the Venezuelan government, the State Department control of Western dissidence continues seemingly unabated on the DoD’s favorite social media website. Jacobins, Chapos, PissPigs, Blumenthals—the list goes on. The multiplication of shit-brained frat house Zubatovite wannabes seems never-ending.

Known war-criminal Brace Belden was recently promoted on Kumars Salehi’s insipid podcast DeleteYourAccount to help push US agenda for the balkanization of northern Syria. Met with immediate antagonism from those who have sense about them and are unapologetically opposed to Green Berets putting bullets through the heads of Arabs, Salehi brushed-off the haters and has since doubled-down on his repugnant showboating.

Perhaps having a severe case of the “sads”, projecting his nihilism onto the rest of those unfortunate enough to hear the CO2 being expelled from his dumb yap, Salehi took to Twitter to voice his opinions to the thousands wishing he’d forever shut the fuck up. Starting the thread blaming any parent having children nowadays as a preemptive negligent, duder accelerates down his psychopathic thought stream ending with a call to “stop glorifying life” and sharing the whims of his inner Zizek by telling us that “it’s totally open [for interpretation] whether being alive has value.” He then goes all in with a classic “teach both sides”.

Surely the people in Yemen being bombed and exterminated by Saudi Arabia and the US are loving such conventional wisdom from the likes of a motherfucker openly requesting that they except their own genocide. After all, what’s Leninism without a little “experimenting“?

If only Kums truly believed in the words he spouted instead of simply vying for branding space in an overly-crowded cesspool. Maybe then he’d see how little import his own life has to the billions struggling to exist and resist in the face of evil incarnate and take his own philosophy to its self-annihilating end.

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